phpScriptWORKS - built in the old school PHP programming tradition, delivering straightforward but professional "workhorse" scripts. Licensed use per website, reasonably priced, most to webmasters and developers. Some day they will die... but not as soon as many people think (voice of experience, here). They are not perfect, nothing is, but they do not break often... and, when they do, the cause can usually be identified and fixed. We love logic.

Sorry, but we no longer accept custom programming projects of any kind. Please do not make a purchase unless you can address any such modification requirements yourself.

All sales and support of these PHP web application scripts is managed through Central Account, a part of our network. Please note specific script requirements, which generally include Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Each product is deployed using a standard installer.

Arctic Issue Tracker Arctic Issue Tracker

Created originally for designers and developers, Arctic Issue Tracker allows you to keep track of ANY kind of task ranging from bug reports to support requests. Once added, each item is tracked through to completion with useful report displays to show progress.

Key features include: a simple interface, advanced sorting and filtering, group based project permissions, custom fields, e-mail notifications and language support.

Arctic is written in PHP, will run on almost any platform and has both limited and full licenses. A hosted version is also available if you do not wish to manage the hosting and general maintenance yourself.

Price (single license) : $99.95 USD | License : Lifetime | Updates : 12 months

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Uploader PRO eUploader PRO

eUploader PRO is the most advance and comprehensive upload script ever created. With Uploader PRO, you can upload any file of any size without the use of ftp. Everything is managed by the admin panel. In the file browser, you can view files and images and also zip entire folders and download them.

The admin panel has hundreds of feature which includes features like image watermark (which will add a watermark for all uploaded images) and other useful features such as bandwidth restriction, bandwidth usage, folder size and deposit size pie to name a few. The script is fully customizable with skin support.

Price (single license) : $69.95 USD | License : Lifetime | Updates : 12 months

New features in the new release include:
  • Greater user control, including multiple admins
  • Optional CAPTCHA in the upload form
  • More options in organization of uploaded files
  • Replacing spaces in file names to prevent problems on some systems
  • Ability to restrict user views
  • Optional use as a plain form (without an upload file)
  • Flexible date formatting
  • New user interface for the admin section

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Article Publisher PRO Article Publisher PRO

Managing large dynamic websites has always been a difficult task for several webmasters, we have developed Article Publisher PRO keeping you in mind. By using this system, one can easily manage their news and/or articles quite easily.

You can easily update your content with almost all web based browsers easily (always check prior to purchase). Article Manager PRO not only provides you an advance content management system but you can generate revenues by using (turning Adsense On / Off) google adsense.

Price (single license) : $79.95 USD | License : Lifetime | Updates : 12 months

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PHP Recipe Script PHP Recipe Script

PHP Recipe Script is a comprehensive recipe website content management system. It enables you to set up a complete website in minutes, with all the features you would expect of a proven, widely-used program. It also has a full administrative control panel that allows you to easily manage your site via a web interface (and with no programming skill required!).

Price (single license) : $97.75 USD | License : Lifetime | Updates : 12 months

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